College Football Picks: Tuesday's Line Shifts Hint to Betting Value

Chris Andrews

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 6:48 PM UTC

Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015 6:48 PM UTC

Follow all major college football line moves from the past 24 hours on our Daily Line Move Log.

College Football
305 Georgia Southern/306 Appalachian State- This should be a great game on Thursday night. Way better than the Seahawks-49ers Thursday weekly MFL embarrassment. App State opened -5, public and some sharp money has come in on the favorite. App State now up to -6 in most spots, with a little -5.5 still available.


307 Temple/308 East Carolina- ECU opened -2 or -2.5. Its been bet up, mostly by sharp money, to -3. Public is pretty split. This should be another game way better than the NFL game that night.


309 California/310 UCLA- One more college game that should easily be better than the Thursday night trash-fest the NFL crams down our throats. (Can you tell I hate the Thursday night NFL games? Every one of them has been horrible. The players aren’t ready.) UCLA opened -4 and has been bet down by the public and some sharp money as well. UCLA now -3 or -3.5.


319 Toledo/320 Massachusetts- Toledo opened -13. It has been steadily bet up to -14 and -14.5. Public money mostly or some sharp money trying to get ahead of the move. No real resistance from the wiseguys as of yet.


329 Clemson/330 Miami, Fla- Clemson opened -5 and was bet up as hight as -7. Some sharp money came in on the dog at +7. Clemson now settling in at -6.5.


335 Miami, Ohio/336 Western Michigan- WMU opened -22.5, and has been bet up strongly by both the public and sharps to -25 and -25.5. No resistance offered yet from virtually anyone.


339 Wyoming/340 Boise State- Boise opened -31.5, bet up to -34 or -35. Public is behind Boise as you would expect. There will be some resistance at some point. Wyoming comes off its first win of the season. They have also covered 3 in a row and 4 of their last 5. They are definitely improving.


349 Tennessee/350 Alabama- Bama opened -14 and was bet up as high as -16.5. Some take back at that price from some sharp money. Bama now settling in at -15 or -15.5.


353 Texas A&M/354 Mississippi- Ole Miss opened -4, wiseguys bet it up to -6. Some opposition came in at +6. Ole Miss went back to -5.5 or still some -6.


355 Virginia/356 North Carolina- UNC opened -14 and got bet all the way up to -18.5 before a little Virginia money showed up. A little. Not much. UNC now -18.


361 Duke/362 Va Tech- Former starter at QB Michael Brewer returns to the starting lineup for Va Tech. Tech opened -3.5 but has been steadily bet down to -2.5 with both sharp and public money.


371 Penn State/372 Maryland- Penn State opened -8. Sharp money is on the dog. Bet down to -6.5 now. Public is still on Penn State.


373 Army/374 Rice- Rice opened -11, got bet down to -9, now some money has come back on the favorite. Rice now -9 or -9.5.

387 Old Dominion/388 Florida Int’l- This one has been all over the place. FIU opened -15. The first wave came in on ODU, and the line dropped to -11.5. Money came back on the chalk and pushed it up to -14. Now more money for the dog as it settles in at anywhere from -12.5 to -13.5. Sharp money on both sides, depending on the number.


401 Western Ky/402 LSU- LSU opened -14.5 bet up to -16.5 with sharp money. WKU is no slouch. They’ll get some money back at some point.

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