College Football Picks: Thursday's Line Moves That Offer Potential Betting Value

Chris Andrews

Thursday, November 26, 2015 9:25 PM UTC

Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015 9:25 PM UTC

All the major college football line moves of the past 24 hours. Catch all the moves off the opening line on the college football odds board.

College Football
113 Texas Tech/114 Texas- This one has really swung around quite a bit for those placing college football picks. Both sides have been favored by as many as 2 points. Don’t forget bookmakers move a little quicker around these numbers, assuming they are mostly dead. More wiseguy money is on Texas, but some on Tech as well. A lot depending on the number.


117 Iowa/118 Nebraska- This one been moved a lot in a tight range. Iowa has gone from -1 to -2.5 and back depending on where you are and when you look. The public is pretty heavily on Iowa while the majority of the wiseguy money has been on Nebraska.


119 Miami, Fla/120 Pitt- Public and some sharp money had been on Pitt, now more has come in from some all players, moving Pitt up to -7.


133 Navy/134 Houston- Navy now at -4 in most places. A lot of bookmakers didn’t open until today, but those who opened earlier opened Navy -2 and got bet up.


137 Washington State/138 Washington- Wash State QB Luke Falk is very doubtful. Washington opened today at -7. It’s a shame. This looked like it was shaping up to be a terrific game, which no one would have counted on early in the season.


141 Boise State/142 San Jose State- Wiseguy money trickling in on San Jose. Boise -7 is starting to show.


143 Baylor/144 TCU- Some money for Baylor despite the fact they will be down to their third string QB. TCU was -2, now -1.


145 Ohio State/146 Michigan- An accumulation of money from both sharp and public has come in on Ohio State. They go from pick em to -1.


149 Louisville/150 Kentucky- Sharp money showed on Louisville, they go from -4 to -4.5 and -5 on the college football odds board.


155 Connecticut/156 Temple- Public money accumulating on Temple. They go from -12 to -13.


171 UNLV/172 Wyoming- UNLV QB Greg Decker now considered probable to start on Saturday. UNLV opens today at -3.


189 Georgia/190 Georgia Tech- Sharp money for Ga Tech. Georgia goes from -5 to -4.


197 Alabama/198 Auburn- More money for Bama, now up to -14.5.


199 Arizona State/200 California- Public money accumulating in on Arizona State. Cal now at -3.5 in some spots.

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