College Football Picks: Thursday's Line Moves With Great Value

Chris Andrews

Thursday, November 5, 2015 6:53 PM UTC

Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015 6:53 PM UTC

We look at the biggest college football line moves of the past 24 hours. There's always a lot of jostling off the opening line as bookmakers look for the right number for their college football odds.

College Football
307 Baylor/308 Kansas State- Pretty good push on Baylor, and not just from the public. Baylor was -16 or 17, then up to -17.5 and -18 today. Some smart money coming back on the dog. Lots of opinions and money in this one. The word is new Baylor’s new QB Jarrett Stidham is pretty darn good, which should take no one by surprise.


309 Buffalo/310 Kent- Looks like pretty good two-way action on this game. Sharper money on the dog, but nothing crazy.


311 Arkansas State/312 Appalachian State- Just like the game above, pretty good two-way action with the sharper money on the dog.


313 Ball State/314 Western Michigan- This line has been pretty stable all week at WMU -14.5.


315 Miss State/316 Missouri-Miss State opened -7 on the college football odds board and quickly got bet up. Since then it has hovered between -7.5 and -8. Public is on the favorite, wiseguys haven’t played much after the opening push past the -7.


317 Nevada/318 Fresno State- Very little movement in this one. Nevada as high as -4.5, as low as -4. That’s about it.


323 BYU/324 San Jose State- BYU went up to as high as -14 yesterday, before some money came back on the dog. BYU settling in at -13.


325 Illinois/326 Purdue- This line shot up rather quickly this morning, from Illinois -2.5 up to -4.5 and -5. Strictly a wiseguy move for college football picks.


336 U La La/337 Georgia State- Wiseguys on Ga State. The latest move took U La La from -3.5 down to -2. I hope they’re wrong in this one. I’m on U La La.


391 Wisconsin/392 Maryland- More sharp money for Maryland. Wisconsin down to -11.5. Public is firmly on the favorite, but Maryland looks much improved after the firing of Randy Edsall.


421 Michigan State/422 Nebraska- I wrote about this yesterday, all the Nebraska locals are bailing off the Cornhuskers like they have hit an iceberg. I wouldn’t do that. Nebraska has lost a bunch of close ones, and the wiseguys figure this one stays close as well. I see almost all Michigan State -5.5, but where the number has gone higher in some spots that do a lot of public business, wiseguys have come in to take the good number on the dog. This one won’t go much higher.

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