College Football Picks: Temple/SMU Among Games With Notable Line Moves This Week

Chris Andrews

Friday, November 6, 2015 6:51 PM UTC

Friday, Nov. 6, 2015 6:51 PM UTC

We look at the biggest college football line moves of the past week. There's always a lot of jostling off the opening line as sportsbooks look for the right number for their college football odds.

College Football
319 Temple/320 SMU- Temple opened -14, wiseguys came in and took SMU, it went down to -12. Public came back hard on the favorite, Temple went as high as -15, wiseguys have stepped in again, Temple now -13.


321 Rice/322 UTEP- Bounced around between Rice -6.5 and -7, but today wiseguys made a move on UTEP, Rice now down to -6.


323 BYU/324 San Jose St- BYU opened -12 went as high as -14, not just with public money, now some value seekers on the dog took some high numbers. BYU mostly -13.


325 Illinois/326 Purdue- Illinois opened pick, the money has all been on Illinois. First bump took it to -2.5, then a pretty big wave took Illinois up to -5. Some money showed back on Purdue+5, Illinois now -4 on the college football odds board.


335 U La Lafayette/336 Georgia State- U La La opened -6.5 and it has been a steady attack from sharp money on the dog.  U La La down to -2.


377 Arizona/378 USC- Wiseguys have become believers in USC. This game opened -17 and was bet up to -20.5. Some money has now come back on the Arizona, who has really fallen apart lately. Nonetheless, a team can only lose by so many points. USC is now mostly -19.5 or -20.


387 Florida State/388 Clemson- Clemson opened -12 or -12.5 and it sat there all week, until yesterday. Wiseguys came in on Thursday afternoon on FSU +12 or higher. Clemson now -10.5 or -11.


389 Navy/390 Memphis- Good two way action on a game featuring two very good teams that are out of the national spotlight. Memphis has been as low as -7 and as high as -9.5. Bookmakers will move quickly in between -7.5 and -9.5 with sharp players and there has been good handicappers on both sides of this game depending on the number.


391 Wisconsin/392 Maryland- Wisco opened -13, but wiseguys have been on Maryland with their college football picks ever since Randy Edsall was relieved of his duties. Wisco now down to -11.


395 LSU/396 Alabama- Bama has been teetering between -6.5 and -7. The public is mostly on LSU, sharper money on Bama. Nothing very definitive, however.


401 California/402 Oregon- Oregon opened -6, bet down to -4 with sharp money on Cal.


403 Old Dominion/404 UTSA- UTSA opened -12, but UTSA QB Blake Bogenschultz is out indefinitely. Was off the board briefly, but back at UTSA -10. Most sharp money has been on the dog.


407 Marshall/408 Middle Tennessee State- Mid Tenn opened -1, now up to -3. Two somewhat disappointing teams that still have some decent potential.


415 Arizona State/416 Washington State- Wash State opened -1, been bet up to -3 before there was some take back on the dog. Wash State now -2.5.


421 Michigan State/422 Nebraska- Mich State opened anywhere from -3.5 to -4.5, since then the public has been all over Mich State. Now up to -6, I see some sharp activity on the dog. If it gets higher, I think the wiseguys come in heavy on Nebraska. One man’s humble opinion.

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