College Football Picks on Conference Champions Feat. True Value

Willie Bee

Saturday, August 15, 2015 7:11 PM UTC

Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015 7:11 PM UTC

What does value mean to you? Here are a few picks that should have value on the college football futures odds board, even if a few are on the chalky side.

Ask 100 people on the street to define the word value, and you could get 100 answers. Now ask 100 college football handicapperrs to pick the one conference champion with the most value, and again, you might get 100 answers.

What has value to one person has no value to another, true to life in general and on the NCAA football futures odds front. Where mistakes are made when it comes to defining value in sports betting is the notion that big chalk bets have no value at all. They may not offer much return on investment for gamblers, but that just makes them tougher to swallow when they don't come through, not void of value. In the end, the only wagers that have value are the ones that win.

Two teams that fit the criteria in 2015 are the Ohio State Buckeyes and Boise State Broncos. We mentioned a week ago that Ohio State was the biggest conference favorite in the land, fetching prices of -350 up to -400 to repeat as Big Ten Champions. The Broncos aren't far behind at the top of the college football futures odds board in the Mountain West as 1/3 chalk.

Yes, I think both teams present value for bettors who pick them to win their league titles. The Buckeyes have a pretty gravy schedule, tough finishes hosting Michigan State and then at Ann Arbor, but otherwise favorable. Even with a stumble along the way, OSU should still reach the Big Ten Conference Championship on December 5 as the East Division representative, leaving the Buckeyes better than a coin flip against Wisconsin, Nebraska or even Minnesota.

Boise State gets early love from the networks with a pretty tough September fixture, but the toughest regular season game is really at Utah State in mid-October. Simply put, the Broncos are a good 33¢ payout as a very favorable bet to host the Mountain West Conference Championship on their own smurf turf,


Do Sooners Provide Best Value Among Power 5?
There's a team that hasn't won a National Championship in two years that might have some value here. It just so happens to be the team that has won half of the last six Southeastern Conference titles, and been in four of the last seven ultimate league matchups. The Alabama Crimson Tide are a 7/1 pick to win it all on the NCAA football futures odds, so why not take them as slight favorites over Auburn to win the SEC?

It's relatively easy to get behind TCU in the Big 12, or even Baylor who I really don't like. But for someone who sees value in a +500 take-back on the college conference football futures odds board, a buck on the Oklahoma Sooners to win the Big 12 might be in order. The Sooners are at Baylor in mid-Novemeber with a home game vs. the Horned Frogs a week later. which would make Bedlam Series to close things out really huge. Hate to admit it, but I really am considering the Sooners for college football picks this season.


Memories & Blood Run Thick When Considering 'Value'
I've already confessed this and been absolved of the sin even though I wasn't really a member of that church, so it's okay to admit this now. One of my first boyhood loves -- read: first instant wood -- was seeing a UCLA cheerleader on TV. In black & white, no less. I've been in love with the Bruins ever since, and like them at 4/1 or higher to upset Oregon and rival Southern Cal in the Pac 12?

I love my nephew, and he loves Clemson. Not sure how many degrees he has from the university, and my nephew is as smart as they come...but his confidence in the Tigers to win the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship in 2015 has me swinging more to my true ACC love, Georgia Tech on a +350 return.

Last but not least, my beloved Texas Aggies. The reality is they may not even make the bowl season, but I had similar expectations their first season in the SEC and the Ags ended close to the conference championship that time. So at 20/1 to win the SEC, the wager has sentimental value to me at the very least.

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