College Football Picks: Analyzing Our Top 8 Teams in the Nation

Chris Andrews

Thursday, November 12, 2015 2:23 AM UTC

Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015 2:23 AM UTC

Four teams are not enough to determine a true champion. Simpe logic tells us that. We have to expand the field, and we can do it easliy.

It was pretty simple math.

Five power conferences, four spots in the college football playoff, one conference will be denied the chance.

Did I say one? I meant at least one. Nothing is stopping a conference from putting more than one team in the playoff. Heck, ask the SEC, some of their fans would tell you they should get three or four teams in football’s version of the Final Four.

Now enter Notre Dame. There is almost no chance the committee would deny a worthy or even somewhat worthy Fighting Irish team to battle for the national championship.

Personally, I am hoping for at least one of two things to occur.

First, I would hope the SEC get shut out of the final four. It easily could happen.

Second, I hope the Big 12 gets denied a spot in the playoffs for the second year in a row. That could easily happen, too. Meanwhile, at the end of last year, most handicappers would have had TCU the second best team in the country to champion Ohio State. Yet they, and Baylor, were eliminated before the competition even started.

We need something drastic like those two scenarios to make this an eight-team playoff.

It wouldn’t be that hard. In fact, they could do it this year. Right now.

In case you didn’t know, the NCAA has nothing to do with the tournament. They have noting to do with the bowl games, either. It is all independently run.

You wouldn’t have to have the bowls anymore involved than they are now. All you have to do is give the top four seeds home games for the first round. Play the games Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. What a great holiday that would make! The winners go on to the respective bowl games just like before. No changes necessary.

The networks would kill each other to get the television rights. Any lawyer that told me no, we can’t do it, would get fired on the spot. Believe me, you could do it.

I’m doing some serious projecting here, but this what I think would be my top eight, in order:


Ohio State






Notre Dame


First Round Aatchups:


Notre Dame at Alabama

LSU at Ohio State

Baylor at Clemson

Stanford at Oklahoma


What would make me happier than anything is forcing SEC teams to travel north. If not this year, then it would be inevitable sometime in future. They refuse to do it September, October or November, let’s see how they’ll like it in December.

If they decided to go forward with an eight team playoff this season, no one would have to go through the miles of NCAA red tape. Nothing more than a show of hands. And once you wave that multi-billion dollar check in front of their eyes, the school presidents would be crazy not to take the deal.

I know I’m dreaming for it to happen this year because no one has the balls to rock the boat. But watch Mississippi State beat Alabama, LSU get beat in the SEC Championship game by Florida, who would probably not make the top four, giving the SEC no representative in the playoff. Paul Finebaum could write a whole new book about how the SEC got screwed. He could title it “My Conference Got Screwed By Your Conference.”

Then have the eventual Big 12 champion get denied a spot in the final four again and havoc will reign upon us all.

Thus, leading to my dream coming true.

Then, once we get the eight-team championship, people will be asking, “Why did it take us so long to figure this out?”

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