College Football Picks: Alabama Crimson Tide 2013 Future Odds

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 4:24 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013 4:24 PM UTC

Are the Alabama Crimson Tide the clear cut favorites to win next year's BCS Championship? Lets go over the 2013 College Football odds to find out if they are a smart choice for your NCAAF picks.
<p>After last night’s blowout win of the <a href="/college-football/free-picks/college-football-betting-did-bcs-get-right-a-28293/" title="Was Notre Dame worthy of the title shot?" target="_blank">nation’s #1 ranked college football team</a>, the Alabama Crimson Tide are the champions of the college football world once again. For the second time in as many years, and for the 3<sup>rd</sup> time in four years, Bama hoisted that crystal football overhead last night, after dismantling Notre Dame 42-14. The college football season is now over, but it is never too early to <a href="/college-football/odds-scores/" title="College Football Betting Lines &amp; Scores" target="_blank">start looking at the College Football betting lines for next season</a>. </p> <img style="float:right;margin-left:5px" title="AJ McCarron" alt="AJ McCarron" height="250" width="200" src="/picks-pictures/AJmccarron.jpg" /> <p>Although graduation and the NFL will eat away at their roster, Alabama has created a dynasty, and dynasties always have upper echelon players who want to go play for them. Let’s take a look at Alabama’s roster moves for next season, as well as their future odds for the 2013-2014 BCS National Championship. We may have a playoff on our hands soon, but for now, Bama is the clear favorite for next season, even with the eventual and inevitable roster turnover.</p> <p><b>To next level</b></p> <p>This subtitle is not meant to be a metaphor for how well the Tide have been playing over the last four seasons, but it could be. Nay, this is to talk about the inevitable in college football, graduation and the NFL. Bama only had 17 seniors on their roster this season, however, the NFL will come calling for Alabama’s best juniors as well this offseason, leaving some more holes for this team to fill. </p> <p>The Tide already have 13 players listed as almost shoe ins for the NFL, and others could come out now that the season is officially over. Quarterback AJ McCarron is coming back for his senior season, but if he wants to fend off pursuers of his Miss Alabama girlfriend, he might want to start thinking about making some money to keep her happy. Darnell Dockett was already trying to get a piece of that on twitter last night during the championship game, so McCarron better be careful on that front. You’d hate to lose your prized trophy lady before you even get drafted into the NFL.</p> <p><b>Future Odds</b></p> <p>Right now the <a href="/betting-odds/college-football/" title="Live College Football Odds" target="_blank">College Football odds list Bama at 5/1 to win the BCS Championship</a> again next season, and with the underclassmen they have returning, plus the multitudes of five star recruits coming to Tuscaloosa next season, it looks as if that might be a nice bet to take. Obviously you’ll have to wait an entire year, but they Tide are the VERY early <a target="_blank" title="Oregon Fighting Ducks 2013 Future Odds" href="/college-football/free-picks/college-football-picks-oregon-ducks-2013-future-odds-a-29098/">favorites for next season, followed by an 8/1 Oregon and a 10/1 LSU. </a></p> It remains to be seen how good Bama will be next season, but their main staples on offense are coming back, and I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad Nick Saban defense. All in all, at 5/1, it might be worth a years in advance flier. The Crimson Tide have another crop of studs coming in, and if any of them contribute like TJ Yeldon did this season, the Tide have nothing to worry about.
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