Betting 101: Beginners Guide To Successfully Wager College Football

Doug Upstone

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 5:58 PM UTC

Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016 5:58 PM UTC

Your friends tell you betting college football is WAY easier than wagering on the NFL. Then you look up the schedule of college games and there is at least 50 every week. How is that is that so simple?

Truth be told, betting college football can as frightening as facing an Alabama blitz package on third and long. All those games and more importantly, all those teams, what average person has the time to learn about all the teams and figure out how to beat the college football odds?

If you are a relative novice or just getting started in placing bets on the collegiate gridiron, here are five simple procedures to follow.


Understand Less is More
As previously mentioned, 50 or so games to choose is quite a few for even the most experienced bettor and handicapper.

Instead, follow a conference or two where you live, where information is plentiful and you can learn a great deal. Keep it simple, study all you can about the teams in a particular conference and turn yourself into a wise guy knowing 20 to 28 teams. Sportsbooks offer lots of choices because they understand only a select few can be 100 percent prepared.


Realize Losing is Part of the Program and Sometimes it Really Hurts
You did your homework for Week 1 of college football and you go 0-4. The first thought is "I really suck at this". Instead of thinking negatively, realize there are still 13 weeks in the regular season and a wheel barrel full of bowl games.

Focus on going 3-2 each of the next four weeks and if you do, that is a 12-12 record and you are almost back to even (after paying the juice on losses) with the rest of the season to go.

It is guaranteed you will lose against the spread in the most painful of ways in the last seconds. It hurts like hell and that's fine, just make sure to focus the next day on coming games and don't let losses linger.


Set Your Bankroll for Losing
It is imperative to have selected bankroll against sportsbooks like BetOnline. While dreaming of winning all kinds of money stirs the heart, the last thing anyone needs is to keep going to the ATM machine to pay off betting losses over and above normal means.

Set a bankroll amount and stick to it by dividing it over the entire season ($1,400 divided by 14 weeks = $100 a week). That way you can enjoy wagering all season, knowing you have the money set aside and you don't borrow for rent or other necessary bills.


Using Money Management To Your Advantage
It happens every year, bettors have winning records after paying the juice and still lose money. How can that happen? Poor money management skills.

In order to prevent this from happening to you, do what is known as - flat betting - which is the discipline of wagering the same amount on each of your college football picks. This ensures if you have a winning record against the spread, you will have a profit to show for your efforts.

Too often the sports bettor will wager $50 a game and when in the hot or cold streak, they just know Team A will cover the spread with ease and put down $200 to win. But what happens when you lose? That means you have to win next four bets just to be even. Having a 4-1 record and nothing to show for it is brutal money management.


Find Betting Information from Real Pros
Though your mechanic might be great at fixing cars, that does not mean he knows anything about college football.

Ask a few people you know who bet and ask them what they read. (SportsBookReview is an excellent starting place). Find out who the industry leaders are and try to watch, hear or read what they have to say. While network TV people might know about teams, they are not going to realistically know if Ohio State can cover 25-point favorites roll in September with an inexperienced squad.

Football handicappers who have stood the test of time and still churn out winners are an excellent resource to help you get headed in the right direction.

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