NFL & College Football Odds Movement Report for Oct. 16

Chris Andrews

Friday, October 16, 2015 8:43 PM UTC

Friday, Oct. 16, 2015 8:43 PM UTC

Follow all major NFL and college football line moves from the past week on our Daily Line Move Log.

251 Broncos/252 Browns- This game opened -6 but was quickly bet down by the wiseguys. It has stayed at -4 all week despite the public heavily on the Broncos.


253 Bengals/254 Bills- Bengals opened pick but went to -2.5 on Monday then up to -3 on Tuesday and stayed there. Public on the Bengals as well.


255 Chiefs/256 Vikings- This has jockeyed between Vikings -3.5 and -4. Mostly -3.5 now. Public on the chalk.


257 Texans/258 Jaguars- Both teams have been the favorite. Texan opened -1.5 now the Jags -1.5. Public on the Texans.


259 Bears/260 Lions- Lions have been as high as -3.5 and as low as -2.5. Settled in at -3 now for a while. Public mostly on the Lions.


261 Washington/Jets- Jets opened -5.5, soon went to -6, then -6.5 and -7 as of this morning. Public on the Jets, as well.


263 Cardinals/264 Steelers- Cards opened -4 before the Steelers Monday night win, then opened -3 Tuesday morning. Steadily bet up to -3.5 and -4. Public strongly on the Cards.


265 Dolphins/266 Titans- Titans opened -1, and were quickly bet up to -2.5 and even -3. Sharp money took it back. Now the Titans are between -1 and -1.5. Public is split.


267 Panthers/268 Seahawks- Seahawks opened -6.5 and been steadily bet up to -7. Public is on the Seahawks.


269 Chargers/270 Packers- Packers opened -9.5, wiseguys and public on the Packers pushed it up to anywhere from -10 to -11.


271 Ravens/272 49ers- Ravens opened -3, bet down to -2.5 then another wave took it down to -2, where it sits right now. Public split.


273 Patriots/ 274 Colts- We knew since Brady’s balls got deflated the Pats would be one of the biggest public betting sides. They didn’t disappoint. Pats opened -7, had been bet all the way up to -10 as of yesterday Today wiseguy money came in on the dog. Pats now anywhere from -8.5 to -9.


275 Giants/276 Eagles- Eagles opened -4 or -4.5, bet up a bit at first, then back down to -4, then back up to -4.5 and -5 this morning.


College Football
111 Cincinnati/112 BYU- Both starting quarterbacks had been questionable at times, but the line has only fluctuated between BYU -6 and -7. BYU’s Mangum will play, the Cincy QB will be a game time decision. Both Cincy QBs have played well.


113 Houston/114 Tulane- Houston opened at -16.5, steadily bet up to -20.5. Both sharp and public money on Houston.


117 UNLV/118 Fresno State- Fresno opened -3.5 with UNLV QB Blake Decker questionable. Now that he is expected to be available UNLV is up to -7.


139 Purdue/140 Wisconsin- Wisconsin opened -19.5, bet up to -24 before a little money came back on the dog. Wisco now mostly -23.5.


145 Texas Tech/146 Kansas- Tech opened -28, then bet steadily up to -31.5 and -32.


159 Alabama/160 Texas A&M- One of the biggest games of the weekend, but no real movement. Bama has been between -3.5 and -4.5 with mostly -4 being the number.


163 Nebraska/164 Minnesota- Minny opened pick, bet up to -2.5 with sharp money.


171 Virginia Tech/172 Miami- Miami opened -6, the wiseguys came in on the dog. Miami now down to -3.5 and -4.


173 Michigan State/174 Michigan- Michigan opened -6.5, got bet up to -8.5, now back to -7. Lots of opinions and sharp money on both sides depending on the number.


181 Tulsa/182 East Carolina- ECU opened -9.5 been bet by the wiseguys and up to -13.5 and -14. Public is on the dog, surprisingly.


187 Charlotte188 Old Dominion- ODU opened -8. Wiseguys on Charlotte. ODU now down to -5.5.


189 Vandy/190 South Carolina- SC was -5.5 when Steve Spurrier stepped down. The line was quickly adjusted to SC -2.5. Now up to -3.


203 USC/204 Notre Dame- Notre Dame was -4 when Steve Sarkisian was put on leave, then fired. The line was adjusted to -6.5. I’m still not sure how the absence of a drunk coach means 2.5 points to the other team. But, hey, that’s just me.


205 Mississippi/206 Memphis- Ole Miss opened -9.5, got bet up to -10.5 by sharp and public money. This is the under the radar best game of the week.


207 Penn State/208 Ohio State- Ohio State opened -17, the wiseguys bet it up to -18.5 or -19.


213 Oregon/214 Washington- Washington opened pick and was bet up to Washington -3 by the wiseguys. Public is on Oregon.

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