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ZenitBet Slow-Pay number 29 hits SBR mailbox

Slow-pay complaint number 29 has been launched against D- rated Russian sportsbook ZenitBet.

The player requested to be paid $1,440 on March 22. He has been given no update on when his withdrawal will be processed. 

ZenitBet is part of the worst sportsbook blacklist. SBR is considering lowering ZenitBet to the rating of F. It has been two months since a confirmed report of payment from a ZenitBet player.

ZenitBet was included in the sportsbook rating guide originally at D and quickly lowered to D- after a tidal wave of payout complaints were submitted by players.

The online sportsbook has admitted through its infrequent communication with Sportsbook Review that players are subjected to minmum 30 business day screening periods.

ZenitBet players who have not already done so are urged to submit a sportsbook complaint.