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WSEX Sportsbook ignoring old payout requests?


On March 31st, 2010, WSEX management conceded to Sportsbook Review that payout size determined a player’s place in the withdrawals queue — unfortunately WSEX processing has now deteriorated to the point where request date is added in the equation.

A WSEX player reports being paid his balance in less than 30 days. The player asked for a $1,500 withdrawal on April 15th. On May 11th, the player filed a complaint with SBR after becoming concerned about his payout after reading other WSEX player reports. The player confirmed receiving his payout on May 12th.

The logical inference to make from this player’s fortunate payout is that WSEX has shifted its focus on managing recent payout requests, ignoring players they are not likely to retain as clients. A total of 58 users are waiting for payouts from WSEX, all of those requests proceeding the aforementioned withdrawal.

In addition, SBR has received a report from a player that requested a $1,000 payout on May 16th, 2011. The player included his email correspondence with WSEX. WSEX did not reply with its typical generic processor delay copy/paste, leading SBR to believe that it intends to again honor the recently submitted payout request of an active player.



WSEX Sportsbook: Please note that we are presently working with only one processing bank and clearing through a backlog of (payouts), because of this your request will take approximately four weeks to be processed.

Your (payout) will be sent to you via (courier service) and you will be updated with the tracking information as soon as the completed batch report is received from our processors. We did not charge the courier fee because of the delay and you will be receiving the full amount of $990.00.*

WSEX may indeed wish to give VIP-level attention and service to its few remaining players, while delinquent accounts only hope appears to be another profitable football season in 2011/2012.