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WSEX Sportsbook down for the count?

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On March 21st, SBR reported that WSEX owed more than $1 million to players. WSEX is on the SBR scam sportsbook blacklist.

WSEX was once a highly regarded online sportsbook company by SBR as well as many other watchdog services. players began to first experience slow payments in the opening quarter of 2009. Many players during this time received their funds, though the high volume of withdrawals and slow-down in deposits contributed to grueling payment wait times.

WSEX was downgraded many times by SBR as the waiting time for funds increased.

WSEX downgrade history:

5/17/2012 WSEX downgraded from D- to F
3/1/2011 WSEX Sportsbook downgraded from D to D-
7/3/2010 WSEX downgraded from D+ to D
6/7/2010 WSEX downgraded from C- to D+
3/25/2010 WSEX downgraded from C to C-
8/24/2009 WSEX downgraded from B- to C
7/28/2009 WSEX downgraded from B to B-
5/17/2009 WSEX downgraded from B+ to B
4/23/2009 WSEX lowered from A- to B+
3/17/2009 WSEX lowered from A+ to A-

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