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WSEX player reports $2,000 payment; 5 new slow-pays reported

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WSEX players:

I requested a withdrawal of $750 on march 27. still have not received my check. made multiple phone calls to the wsex office and they say they are working on it and it will go out soon.


Won a Super Bowl bet on 2/9/2010 with World Sports Exchange, bringing my account balance to $767.50. Requested a withdrawal (a check) of the full amount a couple of days later. Have called numerous times and recently e-mailed inquiring about the delay and when I would receive my check. Always been told that it's a processing issue and that the check should go out with the next processing. Same thing happened after the Super Bowl last year, although I eventually did receive my check and it didn't take this long.



Made a cashout on May 10th for $3000. It is now July 8th (almost 2 months later) and I have yet to receive the cash or an update on when I should expect it.



I requested a pay out of $1500 on march 22 2010. I called every 2 weeks after 2nd month and the customer rep gave the same excuse about switching processor and delay in processing.



As I have been reading on this forum, I am awaiting two late payouts ordered by courier mail. One dated May 18 for $3000, and one dated May 19 for $2900.

I have called and e-mailed customer service about a half-dozen times and gotten different "run-around" answers.

I have been patient (what recourse do I have?), but reading the similar complaints on this forum, I'm afraid I may be out of $5900 unless you all can do something.