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Will Democratic Senator Harry Reid Lose in 2010?

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Health Care and the economy have been the two central issues for Americans ever since President Obama took office. For the Democrats, it’s been an up and down last couple of years. While the Republicans left the White House in bad shape, many Americans aren’t fond of what the Dems have done since then – Hence the Tea Party’s existence.

So, in our ever-growing wisdom, SBR Forum is posting odds on the re-election of a couple of prominent senators who may be in trouble. Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut already succumbed to the pressure and won’t seek re-election, while Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is also in a dog fight. Despite being senior politicians and Democratic leaders, even they are not immune to the wrath of angry voters. Harry Reid is questionable to keep his seat come this fall. In the case of Dodd’s home state of Connecticut, a traditional blue state, it could actually be in play for the GOP this time around. So SBR posted the following political odds:

Who will win the 2010 Connecticut Senate race involving Chris Dodd’s seat?

Democrats  2/5
Field 11/5

Who will win the 2010 Nevada Senate race involving Harry Reid’s seat?

Reid 2/5
GOP Candidate 2/1
Field 15/1

Obviously, because of the nature of how the state has voted in recent years, both Reid and whoever runs for the Dems in Connecticut are heavy favorites for the time-being. But that could change in the coming weeks and months.

“Losing either seat would be devastating to the Democratic party. We put these odds out to show that while the Dems are still favored, anything is possible,” explains Justin Seven, Head Linesmaker at SBR Forum.

For the Democrats to lose either of these senate seats would be a major blow to their senate majority. 

Where do you weigh in? What do you think will happen? Comment now in the forum thread .

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