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When sportsbook payouts approach slow-pay territory

Sportsbooks are often placed on the payout clock by players.

However, there are some misconceptions and errors made when calculating how much time constitutes a true "slow-pay".

This article takes a look at some standard time-frames and payout methods, and how quickly top online sportsbooks pay through these bank options.

Working days != Weekends
Sportsbooks often advertise that payouts take a certain number of "working" or "business" days. This does not include weekends.

1-3 business days late
Payouts that are not processed 1-3 business days after a payout is requested are not considered slow-pay, provided that the online sportsbook provides updates and a revised ETA. At the end of the day, processing companies can bog down the process of payment, which is why bitcoin accepting sportsbooks are surging in popularity.

Most often, person-to-person transfers may be 1-3 business days later than scheduled, due to the nature of the payout method. Any longer is unusual. With Skrill, Neteller, or any eWallet, over 3 business days is considered a slow-pay.

4-7 business days late
If a payout has not been processed from an account within 7 business days of a request – as in the balance is not deducted from – then this is officially slow-pay. However, if the payout was processed and deducted from the online sportsbook balance, and happens to be 1-3 business days past due, this is not officially slow-pay territory.

Bank transfers typically fall outside the estimated payment time-frame more frequently than other methods due to all of the moving parts. eWallets that take longer than 7 business days are absolute slow-pays.

Two weeks and longer of waiting time
Players who have to wait over two weeks – and are sure that all banking details submitted are in order, and who are able to receive P2P transfers – are officially being slow-paid. The best online sportsbooks, such as those voted top 5 by SBR forum members, all pay within one week or less. Payouts taking longer than two weeks are a sign of a clear slow-pay, and are common at online sportsbooks rated C- or lower.

Players who have a problem with a slow-pay online sportsbook are asked to email