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Western Michigan vs. Northern Illinois Betting Consensus

Sportsbook Review has released a market report of the Western Michigan vs. Northern Illinois betting consensus for tonight's college football fixture scheduled to kick off at 8PM ET.

The numbers cited in this betting rundown are powered by the SBR college football betting odds grid, which shows the current NCAAF lines from 35+ online betting sites.

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Western Michigan vs. Northern Illinois Betting Stats
60% of bettors are wagering that Northern Illinois covers the point spread of -3 points. The line opened at -4. Whenever the line drops yet there is a lopsided percentage of wagers on one side, it is a clear indicator that the more sophisticated wagering volume supports the other side. Professional action often contributes to this form of line movement, which is sometimes reversed to as RLM or reverse line movement.

The total points market opened at 61.5 and has shifted down to an average of 60 points. Similarly to the movement of the point spread market, the majority of bets have been placed on the over [60%], despite the market movement.

The money line market is at an average of -145, five cents removed from the opener of -150. 53% of bets support Western Michigan. The line is an average of -135 for the first half of play.

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