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WagerWeb Sportsbook update


On May 7th, 2011, SBR reported that a WagerWeb player had a $2,252 balance confiscated. At the time of the complaint, the player admitted only to one isolated log-in by a friend. However, SBR followed up with WagerWeb and found that the two players acted in concert with one another to circumvent WagerWeb market limits using the same device. WagerWeb paid the first account his winnings and refunded the deposit of the second. SBR considers this dispute closed.

In December of 2011, a player wrote SBR indicating that his account was locked following a deposit. The player needed to provide documents to WagerWeb to have his account reinstated.

New WagerWeb owner Dan has vowed to address unresolved archived disputes with Sportsbook Review. Two such cases are currently on file. In case one, a WagerWeb player had  $11,278 confiscated for placing correlated parlays. The player claimed that just $4,302 were a result of the allegedly correlated plays, however, his entire balance was seized. SBR noted during this confiscation that the WagerWeb software permitted same-game parlays; a software setting the WagerWeb line managers chose to enable. The selective enforcement amounted to a shakedown, and kept WagerWeb on the SBR blacklist for more than two years.

In the second case, SBR reported that a player was owed $2,500 of a $5,000 payout request. The player filed his complaint with SBR on July 6th, 2011. WagerWeb accused the player of being a third-party to the actual account holder. The $5,000 was allegedly sent as normal but withheld by a third party agency in a banking situation. WagerWeb credited the player half of the funds as a good faith gesture, expecting him to eventually receive the bank payout. The player claims to have never received the $5,000. SBR has attempted to connect the player with WagerWeb to resolve the situation through his bank; the player has been uncooperative. WagerWeb believes, but cannot prove, that the player received his payment and thus was overpaid by $2,500.

WagerWeb’s rating has been adjusted to D+.

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