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WagerHub confiscates $8,200 in player winnings citing nonrecreational play


Player comments:

On Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, I received a phone call from Tom at Tom informed me of a current promotion that they had going which was a 100% bonus on all deposits from $100 to $500. The bonus was to be 44% cash bonus and a 56% free play bonus. I decided to go ahead and give a try on January 14th, 2010, and I made a $500 credit card deposit which was credited to my account immediately along with the bonus. I had no issues with WagerHub and was doing well with the $500 that I deposited with
them. After one week of action I had my account balance up to around $6,000. Most of my wagers were straight wagers ranging from $200-$500. I also placed a few teaser wagers to win a dime. WagerHub had my internet limits set at $2,000 and all teaser wager limits set at $1,000. All of a sudden out of the blue I received an email on January 22nd from the customer service dept. stating that my account action was not recreational and that my profile had been changed and was under investigation. I contacted them immediately to find out what the meaning of the email was. They stated that not to worry, it is just a random check on accounts and I was told that my limits would not be lowered
unless I was first contacted by phone. Well, that very same night on the 22nd of January my limits were lowered to $250 without any phone call or notice. I decided not to make a big deal about their dishonesty and went ahead and continued to play with WagerHub and stayed within the new limits that they had set on my account. Well, I hit a hot streak even with the lower limits and had my account balance up to $9,897 on the 25th of January. I lost a few wagers on the 25th and my account balance was at $8,200 this morning. I placed two soccer wagers this morning and immediately after I won $250 on each soccer wager my account was closed when I tried to login to
my account on the internet. I contacted their customer service dept. and was told that an email had been sent to me stating why my account had been closed. I will forward you both emails that were sent to me from WagerHub. The email basically said that my account was not recreational and they do not accept or want non-recreational players. They then said that they had refunded $525 back to my credit card from my deposit and that they were calling
it a closed deal. I do not believe that this is acceptable. First of all, if they are claiming that my wagers are non-recreational, shouldn't they have the limits set to recreational levels in the first place. I really don't
consider $200 – $500 wagers to be non-recreation. I would place $1,000 wagers occasionally but really not too often. Second of all, why was I not contacted about this issue until after I had already played for a week and a half and won a lot of money? In my mind, they can close my account at their disgression but they should be required to pay me my winnings. It seems to me that this company is happily taking people's money, but when you win a lot of money from them, they are finding bogus reasons not to payout! One other note.. it seems really fishy that they didn't say anything about my wagers and close my account until 2 days before I reached the 15 day hold that they had on payouts from my deposit bonus. Please investigate this matter for me and I am disputing the fact that WagerHub needs to pay me my winnings if they are going to close my account.