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Vitalbet Sportsbook account closure complaint


A VitalBet Sportsbook (unrated) player has submitted a complaint.

The player registered his sports betting account two weeks ago and deposited €50.

He risked his whole deposit on his first wager and lost, and was subsequently credited a bonus of €50.

During this time, he was sent an email indicating that his photo ID and a copy of him holding said ID was required. The player claims to have obliged this request, and that his account was verified.

He successfully completed his turnover requirement, turning the €50 bonus into €353. Later, Vitalbet had a change of tune, and sent the sports bettor the following email with some grim news:

Vitalbet Sportsbook: "Following a review of your account and its activity, and in accordance with the provisions of articles 9.7 of's terms and conditions our security team has found sufficient evidence of and thereby cancelled your bonus and winnings for fraudulent bonus abuse practices."

Vitalbet did not clarify what specifically the player did to violate this policy. He denies ever having a previous account with the online sportsbook.

Sportsbook Review has asked Vitalbet to clarify their stance.