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Thanks for your feedback! Wagering Dispute keeps Sportsbook on Blacklist


Sportsbook has yet to hear from (SBR rating D-) management on if they intend to honor the remaining $1,000 owed to a player who profited with an NHL prop bet wager.

The player's bet was made two years ago during the NHL Playoffs. contended that the player's wagering limits were cut immediately upon his registering an account. The player wagered $300 on an NHL prop bet which was on the NHL equivalent of the playoffs' Most Valuable Player.

This wager, the sportsbook maintains, circumvented the limit applied to the player's account.

Sportsbook Review questioned how the player could have reasonably known that he was wagering in excess of his limits if the limit was not verbally communicated to him; the book countered by saying that a brief software issue caused the bet go to through, and speculated that the player "knew better".

Originally, he was paid nothing and had his account closed.

SBR was then able to mediate the issue by escalating it to the owner of BTG Global NV, the software company which supplies the sportsbook with both processing methods and software. After much deliberation, the player received half of the bet winnings after he accepted a partial settlement, which could have seen him receive 100% of his balance if he publicly shamed himself and admitted that what the sportsbook was saying was true (when he remained adamant that it wasn't).

As it stands, remains on the sportsbook blacklist for their handling of the case. The failure to honor the full value of the ticket is a violation of one of the oldest and most sacred industry rules – "You book the bet, you pay the bet". players with feedback are encouraged to write to