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VictorChandler voids €897 in winnings, closes player account


The VictorChandler player at the center of the dispute tells SBR that he had an €1,100 withdrawal pending at the time that his account was closed, additionally he held a €410 balance in the sportsbook. VictorChandler paid only €613 to the player via Moneybookers.

The remaining funds were confiscated due to allegedly placing ‘late bets’ on in-game wagers during the 2011 French Open.

The player filed a sportsbook complaint with SBR on June 1st, 2011, stating the following:



VictorChandler player: I was a customer of this so called reputable bookmaker VictorChandler. I said was, because earlier this week someone decided to close my account and pay the rest of my funds back to my moneybookers account. The problem is I had 1100 eur in pending withdrawals and another 410 eur in my balance at the time they close my account. They paid me only 613 euro.

When I questioned them, they responded I placed late bets and some of my bets were canceled so they canceled my withdrawals and they paid only 613 euro. They stole 900 euros worth of winnings, I bet only live tennis at RollandGarros. Had winning bets as well as losers. I cannot see what they canceled or why. They don’t respond anymore.

SBR immediately followed up on the player’s complaint, however, VictorChandler management has not provided direct comment on the dispute.

VC has not taken SBR’s calls and has returned SBR’s email inquiry with an indirect message stating that all electronic mail must be delivered from the player’s registered address. The player has provided SBR with consent to discuss the dispute on his behalf after VC has ceased responding to him.





VictorChandler Sportsbook: Thank you for contacting us regarding your Victor Chandler Account. For security reasons the E-mail address you provide must match our records. Please reply from your registered E-mail address, or provide the following information to enable us to update your email address to your current address.

VictorChandler holds a gaming license in Gibraltar. It is not uncommon for licensed bookmakers to choose to avoid discussing player complaints with Sportsbook Review if they are governed by a third-party body and/or bound by confidentiality clauses, however, SBR expects sportsbooks to communicate with players on account issues.

In cases where a sportsbook decides to debit winnings from a player’s balance, there is a reasonable expectation of evidence and demonstration of player wrongdoing.

Due to VictorChandler’s unwillingness to allow SBR to have access to a wagering log to support its position, and the unwillingness to clue the player in on why some of his wagers were voided whilst others allowed to stand, VictorChandler’s rating has been adjusted from A- to B.

VictorChandler players with feedback are urged to write to