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US Online poker site completes 30-day trial


SBR reported on February 22 that Nevada made history by legalizing online poker. One week later, NJ Governor Christie signed an internet gambling bill for his state. Atlantic City is expected to have its internet games up and running near the end of the year.

Ultimate Gaming CEO Tobin Prior released the following statement on the news: “The Nevada Gaming Control Board has set regulatory requirements for online poker at the highest level. We are thrilled that our product is the first to not only meet these standards, but exceed them.”

If you’re thinking of anteing up, you’re going to have to be at least 18 years of age and physically present in the state of Nevada at the time. Many companies are spending significantly to recruit firms specializing in geo-location technology to ensure the strict licensing standards are met. SBR reported on one such company’s deal with earlier in the week.

Just years ago, the US seemed determined at a federal level to outlaw most forms of internet gambling. The states, on the other hand, are desperate to bring in more revenue through taxes. Internet gambling is just the beginning of the conversation with respect to the land of the free; across the country NJ is undergoing a federal battle for sportsbooks in Atlantic City that might end with the repeal of federal law PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) – which could see states other than Sin City accepting wagers on sports games in the future.

*Credit to iGaming Business for quote used in this story.

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