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Updated SBR Poker WSOP Main Event Satellite standings

Sportsbook Review poster "JakePeavy21" is leading the pack of posters attempting to qualify for the SBR Poker Championship held on April 25.

The winner of that event secures a $10,000 WSOP Main Event buy-in and up to $500 in travel and lodging expenses. All users are invited to participate in the daily tournament satellite series.

The top 50 players in total points won during the tournament schedule will advance to the championship on Saturday April 25 at 3PM ET. Win the championship tournament and start making plans!

Daily Payouts for Poker Tournaments
Buy-in: FREE for SBR Pros, 6 Points for Non-Pros
1st. 500 poker points
2nd. 200 poker points
3rd. 150 poker points
4th. 100 poker points
5th. 50 poker points

SBR WSOP Grand Finale, Saturday April 25 at 3PM ET
1st. 2015 WSOP Main Event Buy-In ($10,000) + $500 travel credit for airfare and lodging
2nd. 15,000 betpoints
3rd. 7,500 betpoints