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Update: Responds to SBR Forum Complaint


Update 11/10 1:40PM ET: A manager with has addressed the complaint and has claimed the player's documents were forged, and that the player was connected to other account-holders. SBR has asked if the sportsbook can share what information it has matching the player up to others, and how it determined the docs were false.

A player has claimed that over $3,000 in winnings have been confiscated and that his account has been closed. He signed up on the morning of October the 27th and deposited $3,300, receiving a 30% deposit bonus of $1,000.

He swiftly wagered the entire balance on the Houston Astros to beat the LA Dodgers. The bet won. The next day, he received an email that stated due to a routine security review he had to provide a series of documents including his passport or driver’s license, a utility bill, and a selfie holding his ID.

The player provided all documents requested that evening. Unfortunately, the next day, he received the following email from

“Our management team has reviewed your account and has deemed that it will remain inactive. If you open any new accounts they will also be closed. As per our house rules, management reserves the right to revoke the agreement between the user and our site. If an account is closed per Management’s decision, all pending wagers will be graded as No Action and account activity voided. Management decision is final and no further correspondence will be entertained on this matter. Please provide us with a BitCoin wallet acct number to refund your initial deposit at your earliest convenience."

In a state of confusion, the player asked to confirm the total balance he’d be paid, and for his bet history, for what he later said was to make sure he’d be paid the right amount. Then the player realized that said they’d only be refunding his initial deposit. He tried his best to procure a response to no avail. The player then posted his story on SBR Forum and filed a sportsbook complaint.

Ultimately, a sportsbook can close an account at any time, but wager winnings should be paid assuming there was no elements of fraud or an issue with the starting deposit. Simply exercising risk management and booting a potential quote unquote non-recreational player should not warrant confiscation of winnings. holds an SBR rating of D- and is on the sportsbook blacklist.