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Update on betting site Wager506; possible ties to WagerWin


Update 7/6: Wager506 acknowledged purchasing WagerWin. SBR has asked the betting site to provide comment on unconfirmed reports that link BetMayor to WagerWin.

Online betting site Wager506 has the same telephone number previously advertised on the Facebook account of WagerWin Sportsbook (SBR rating F).

An ex-employee of BetMayor Sportsbook as well as a third-party review website have suggested that the betting site is run by the former GM of the defunct sportsbook BetMayor.

BetMayor went off-line without paying $51,000 to a casino winner.

Sportsbook Review has asked Wager506 to clarify if it employs the former GM and what if any shared ownership it has from the aforementioned gaming sites.

Wager506 first came online accepting sports bets earlier in 2016.

Sportsbook Review urges players to proceed with caution when depositing with any relatively new and unproven betting site. While not all newly established sportsbooks are a danger to player funds, betting sites with unclear ownership structures or without legitimate licensing should be avoided.

While gaming licenses are not necessarily a sign of continued verifiable solvency (Canbet), it is one of the many factors to consider when choosing a new online sportsbook, in addition to word of mouth from real sports bettors inside of the SBR Forum community.

SBR asks Wager506 players with feedback to write to