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Unibet account closure complaint


Unibet player:

1. They closed my account without any proper info

2. I delivered them 11 (ELEVEN) scans of my documents, including ID, driving license, bills etc. and it was still not OK for them. They started to complain about every little thing, just avoiding to re-open my account.

3. I was not limited in their sportsbook, didn’t bet on any palpable errors or something like that, verified my account in several ways, used moneybookers and bank transfer as well.

4. After they closed my account, they say they will never open that again, as well as they don’t tell me what is exact amount on my account + I have some long term bets pending, which they refuse to pay/make void/show me my stakes and kind of bets. It’s strictly unacceptable and against all rules, to not see what You are betting on.

SBR is investigating this sportsbook complaint.

Unibet player reports that funds were seized
On November 18th, 2010, SBR reported that a Unibet player reported having €455 seized. On October 19th, Unibet closed the player’s account and paid him €2686. The player’s balance was €3137. After the player inquired on the reason his account was forfeited, he was told that customer service was not available in portugese. Unibet declined to elaborate on their decision to either the player or SBR.

Unibet seizes $905 from player
On November 5th, 2010, SBR reported that Unibet confiscated $905 from a player. In early October, a player requested an $850 withdrawal. Unibet requested ID documents, which the player provided. Three weeks later, Unibet declined the withdrawal, removed the balance, and provided only the following explanation for its confiscation:

Unibet Sportsbook:

Rule 2.3 unibet reserves the right, at its own discretion, at all times, to: Decline to open a unibet Account and/or to close an existing unibet Account, without any explanation whatsoever.

Unibet‘s quoted rule allows for the seizure of player winnings with no explanation. Unibet was downgraded by SBR on November 3rd after making similar rulings.