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UK Gambling Commission Investigating Pie-eating Prop Bet


Sutton United's backup goalie Wayne Shaw is out of a job after a pie-eating 'publicity stunt' sparked an investigation by the UK Gambling Commission and the Football Association.

A UK sportsbook tweeted out odds on whether or not the heavyset goalkeeper would be shown consuming a pie during the broadcast of Sutton United vs. Arsenal.

The Gambling Commission will be investigating whether or not there was any irregularities in the betting markets pertaining to the wager. In theory, Wayne Shaw could have leaked information to friends or family on his consumption of the pie, giving them easy access to an 8 to 1 payday.

The Football Association meanwhile has their own code of conduct and ethical requirements for players to adhere to, and released through a spokesman a brief comment acknowledging their own investigation into the stunt: "“We are investigating to establish whether there has been any breach of The FA rules relating to betting.”

Club manager Paul Doswell wasted no time in asking for Wayne Shaw's resignation. According to a report by the Telegraph, the backup goalkeeper was in tears after what he may have considered a harmless promo has resulted in the loss of his job and the possibility of additional sanctions.

The sports betting site at the center of the controversy, SunBets, tweeted after the pie's consumption that the promo "cost us a belly fully" with a reported five-figure sum won by a gambler.