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Trump & Clinton’s Sportsbook Odds Improve after GOP Debate

Following the GOP debate last week which 24 million viewers watched according to Nielsen data, two candidates on opposite sides of the political party lines have an upward trajectory in the online bookmaking odds arena.

Hillary Clinton has gained 4% without lifting a finger: Clinton went from -125 to -120 at online sportsbook 5Dimes.

Donald Trump is the only other candidate to have positive momentum following the GOP debate, his odds were adjusted from +1350 to +1300, good for a 5% gain. Still, a $100 wager is categorically a long shot on Trump with its $1,300 payout.

Notable sportsbook movements in the other direction come with Republican Scott Walker falling 42% from +1000 to +1700.

Bernie Sanders somehow worsened his stock by 31% on the Democratic side with his odds adjustment from +1250 to +1800.

Senator Marco Rubio fell 32% from +850 to +1250 despite what political pundits lauded as a decent showing.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — who legalized internet gambling in Atlantic City in 2013 — fell 30%.

The below chart records the full odds swings for candidates on both sides of the party lines.

Candidate Odds Odds before GOP Debate Change
Hillary Clinton -120 -125 4%
Jeb Bush 350 300 -15%
Donald Trump 1300 1350 5%
Scott Walker 1700 1000 -42%
Bernie Sanders 1800 1250 -31%
Rand Paul 2200 1800 -19%
Marco Rubio 1250 850 -32%
Joe Biden 2750 2200 -20%
Ted Cruz 4000 4000 0%
Chris Christie 5000 3500 -30%
Elizabeth Warren 8500 8500 0%
Martin O'Malley 12500 6000 -52%

Sportsbook Review will continue to keep readers updated on the US President odds swings in the political betting markets directory.