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Topbet Sportsbook Acknowledges Payment Delays


Topbet Sportsbook has acknowledged their payout delays to Sportsbook Review.

The F rated sports betting site has said that players could opt to cancel their check withdrawals and receive payment instead through bitcoin. Some of the players, including one who shared his frustration inside of a thread in SBR Forum, have been waiting over a year for payment.

Topbet is currently on the sportsbook blacklist for its inability to honor player withdrawals.

In their statement to SBR, Topbet claimed that the players who filed SBR complaints were contacted with the option to receive payment via bitcoin. There was no word on how many players overall have overdue withdrawals.

Meanwhile, Topbet is continuing to advertise 100% sign up bonuses and has no issues taking in deposits, which presumably are being used to pay the players that have been waiting many months or over a year for payment. This is referring to in the sports betting industry as operating on the float.

Topbet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.