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Top Betting Sites Email Response test

The following questions were asked to all of the sportsbooks included in the email response test consistently:

Hi! I’m looking to open an account with a new sports book, and I was wondering if you could help me out with a few questions:
1. Do you take bets over the phone? Through what number? I’d like to use a visa debit card to deposit.
2. What is the minimum deposit and the minimum I can bet?
3. What is the maximum payout I can receive? How long does it usually take?
4. What’s the rollover on your first deposit bonus? Thank you! Jack

The responses received ranged from 1 hr, 27 minutes to over 13 hours. The unedited responses of each sportsbook representative are visible by clicking “See Book Response” in the right-hand column on the email responses test page.

The online sportsbooks included in the test cover a wide range of platforms and cater their service to different regions across the globe.

Sportsbook Review welcomes feedback from readers on how they would evaluate their online sportsbooks customer service department. Players in need of assistance with disputes should file a sportsbook complaint form.