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Top 2 Scam Sportsbooks to Avoid: Oddsmaker,


The below two online sportsbooks are the absolute worst in the business.

Players are urged to avoid being enticed by the size of the sportsbook bonuses at either outfit, as the probability of having winnings confiscated or being paid at a snail's pace is alarmingly high.

#1 Oddsmaker
Oddsmaker has confiscated more than $250,000 from winning players to date.

Oddsmaker has a rule that justifies these confiscations – which amounts to sheer theft – by outlawing what is considered "professional play". Specifically, wise guy action is referenced as being prohibited in the Oddsmaker terms and conditions.

Essentially, all players that show that they are likely to be long-time winners and rack up big balances are shown the door at the sportsbook, with only their deposits refunded and all winnings confiscated.

The massive marketing machine behind Oddsmaker has masked the fact that they are one of the most unsafe sportsbooks in the world to play with.

#2 is behind on over $220,000 in payouts to more than 200 players. While a small handful of players have recently confirmed receiving cheque payouts, the sportsbook tells players that it will take between six to eight weeks to even expect a withdrawal. This is worse than any other sportsbook in the industry, with exception to outright scams that have never paid a winner, or who only pay losers. players have blogged their frustrations for the world to see in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum.

While is rated D- and is part of the scam sportsbook blacklist, members would like to see downgraded to the rating of F. Given the totality of the slow-payouts coupled with the fact that has an unjust market share of North American facing business due to their catchy URL and clever marketing, Sportsbook Review is considering lowering the sportsbook to the rating of F if the book demonstrates no signs of being able to honor their listed time-frames of payouts.

When it takes eight weeks to pay on a good day, you'd better not be a day late, let alone weeks.

Players are advised to stick with safe sportsbooks for NFL and NCAAF betting, such as the betting sites displayed in the best sportsbooks list.