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TonyBet Sportsbook manager investigating casino complaint


A manager with TonyBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D) is reviewing the casino complaint reported on September 3.

As for the TonyBet payout complaint on a player's stalled £759 payout, the security department at TonyBet has claimed that the player has not yet passed their identity checks, and will be paid after doing so.

Sportsbook Review has inquired on if the player getting the documents signed by a public notary will help establish authenticity, or what the possible next step could be to establish the account is registered to the account-holder.

The player profited £759 wagering soccer matches between £50 and £100 each.

As for the casino winnings complaint, the manager with TonyBet will investigate personally why the €3,000 won has not yet been paid. The security department has provided only a token acknowledgement of receiving the complaint and no new details since.

SBR will update as the TonyBet manager addresses the complaint.

TonyBet is an Estonia based online betting site.

TonyBet players who are in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.