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Tipico French Open betting dispute


Update 5/30, 12:32PM CST: Tipico Sportsbook has correctly voided the market.

Tipico’s tennis betting rules state:

All bets are only valid after the first ball has been played. If a player pulls out of the match or the match is interrupted (injury, pull-out, disqualification) after at least one ball has been played, the bet is declared invalid. This shall not apply to betting markets previously offered as live bets and already evaluated (for example winning a set, winning a game, over/under-bets)

Tipico initially voided the player’s bet, which jived with their above rule, then later resettled the market as a loss for the player.

Tipico claimed that his games handicap bet for the match was already “evaluated”. The term evaluated is included in their betting rules and corresponds to live bets, set specific bets, over/under bets, and ‘winning a game’. The handicap bet was still live: The player could have won had the match continued into a fourth, or potentially fifth set.

SBR has followed up with Tipico Sportsbook for comment on the dispute.

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