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The story behind Blacklisted Online Sportsbooks

The Sportsbook Review Blacklist contains more than 300 sports betting websites rated from D- to F.

Many of these online sportsbooks have since went off-line unceremoniously without making good on player balances.

The reasons for closure without payment varied: Those that were outright scams who never had any intention to pay big winners a la EasyStreet or BetMayor who each did not pay over $40,000 to a big casino winner and closed without honoring all player balances.

There were those that blamed being targeted by the US DOJ while executives remained rich such as in the infamous BetOnSports collapse in 2006 where players owed millions had to settle for pennies on the dollar as covered at length by Sportsbook Review.

One-time Costa Rica based site BetEd followed much of the same script except without players actually receiving any percentage of their balances back.

There was BetIslands and the $1.5 million lost by players that caught the industry and even SBR by surprise.

And then there was poor management. There was World Sports Exchange (WSEX), who were downgraded several times for massive slow-pays who turned out their lights without paying over $1 million to players.

Then there are the websites that are still operating and taking players money. (SBR rating D-) cannot pay faster than eight weeks, with over 250 players waiting for approaching double this time-frame, and although the sportsbook has historically only picked and choosed which winning players not to steal such as the over $150,000 not paid to correlated parlay winners back in the day, even Joe Q public bettors are forced to air out their complaints in the public pleading with the slow-pay site to pay. (SBR rating F) has confiscated more than $250,000 from winning players to date. Much like, the business has grown with clever marketing and focus on the recreational player while pure greed and bookmaking incompetence has led to the confiscation of any sports bettor with a clue.

Sportsbook ratings are in place to protect players.

The question players need to ask themselves is any sportsbook bonus worth waiting 10 weeks or potentially not being paid? The online sportsbooks listed on the best sportsbooks list have no outstanding payment complaints on file.

Players experiencing any issues with their online sportsbook can submit a sportsbook complaint form with SBR. (SBR) has helped recover over $5 million in disputed player winnings to date since its inception as a player advocate and sportsbook industry watchdog in 1999.