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The difference between a D- and F rated Sportsbook


While both ratings are on the sportsbook blacklist, there are some key differences to consider when when evaluating online betting sites by rating.

SBR advises players to stick with well-rated sports betting sites to avoid hassle, but understands that players who believe in living dangerously attempt to weight the risk vs. the reward of depositing with a less than stellar betting site. What is the difference?

F rated sportsbooks have proven to have scammed players out of their winnings at one time or another, and have never resolved these complaints.

The F rating includes sportsbooks that have went out of business or who are active but deny paying legitimately earned winnings to players, for a myriad of reasons.

Most recently, Sportsbook Review debuted BetMayor (SBR rating F) on the blacklist, for their failure to pay $51,000 in winnings to a casino winner whose only mistake was profiting in the Blackjack casino over 3,888 hands.

D- rated sportsbooks might pay more frequently than an F rated betting site, but have shown that they have no problems confiscating winnings arbitrarily, i.e. nullifying over $100,000 winnings in the infamous correlated parlay confiscations years ago, or BetRoyal deciding players were collaborating by following the picks of a sports radio tout.

Is the risk worth the reward?
In a word – no.

There are simply too many documents no-pays and chronic slow pays the lower down the rating scale you go. Bonus chasers should know the extreme risks going in, and stick with accepting cash and free play bonuses from sites with better histories.

Players who find themselves embroiled in a dispute with an online sports betting website should submit a sportsbook complaint form with Sportsbook Review.