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Sportsbooks adjust Political Betting Odds: View swings

Online sportsbooks have adjusted Donald Trump's odds of winning the November 2016 Presidential election down to +650.

This is a 35% market adjustment since 8/16. The best line on Trump is presently available at 5Dimes (SBR rating A+).

Online sportsbooks Heritage Sports (SBR rating A+) and GTBets (SBR rating B) last offered Trump at +1300 and +1000 respectively, and are likely to readjust their odds when the market opens back up.

Hillary Clinton's odds were adjusted by sportsbooks from an average of -110 to +110.

Jeb Bush's stock fell by 17% from +300 to +360.

A big gain was recorded since 8/16 on Joe Biden's odds – with Biden previously trading at +2200 (a $100 wager returning $2,200 in profit) and now on offer at +900, for a 40% increase.

The below table shows the notable market adjustments from the previous two weeks.

Candidate Odds 8/16 Odds Today Change
Hillary Clinton -110 +110 -17%
Jeb Bush +300 +360 -17%
Donald Trump +1000 +650 35%
Scott Walker +1450 +1700 -15%
Bernie Sanders +1450 +1065 10%
Joe Biden +2200 +900 60%
Elizabeth Warren +6000 +10000 -40%
Rand Paul +2600 +5000 -48%
Marco Rubio +1400 +1150 18%
Ted Cruz +4000 +5000 -20%
Chris Christie +5000 +5000 0%

The political betting markets directory includes outright odds on the US Presidency and party specific prop bets. Only sportsbooks in good standing are listed.

Players who are interested in searching sportsbooks by platform features instead of event odds can sort by several features in the sportsbook rating guide.