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Sportsbook Scam Alert on ZenitBet: 42 Players Owed

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A ZenitBet Sportsbook player has written in to add his name to the list of players who have been scammed by the Russia based betting site.

ZenitBet, an F rated sportsbook which is part of the scam website blacklist, has conned players out of $30,000 since being added to the online sportsbooks rating guide.

ZenitBet was assessed with its sportsbook rating in August of 2015.

The betting website no longer provides information to Sportsbook Review on player disputes.

A total of 42 ZenitBet players have written Sportsbook Review for assistance recovering their funds from the blacklisted sports bookie.

Players who have not already done so are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint form. Alternatively, online sports bettors can take part in SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum discussion to document their experiences with other players.