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Sportsbook Scam Alert on Easystreet Sports (“EZStreet”)


EasyStreet Sports (also known as "EZStreet") players have reported that they are no longer being paid.

The last known EZStreet payouts came during the football season of last year, when a player reported receiving two $700 payouts through Person-to-Person. EZStreet is no longer providing customer service to players via telephone or answering e-mail.

The player who received these payouts still holds a total balance of $8,800 and has concluded that he will not be paid his winnings.

Sportsbook Review has also had no luck getting EasyStreet Sports to respond to e-mails, though the sports betting website has not been willing to engage in discussions following SBR's position on the infamous $46,000 casino winnings complaint.

In addition, Sportsbook Review reported last month that a payment plan was abandoned suddenly player that had his account closed with $15,000 still owed.

The online sportsbook has had their sportsbook rating downgraded to F. EzStreet is on the scam sportsbook blacklist.