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Sportsbook Review now lists over 1,000 sportsbooks

Online Sportsbook rating factors

#1: Financial risk
The biggest component behind a sportsbooks rating is financial risk. While privately managed companies often are bankrolled by silent investors, SportsbookReview strives to ascertain key financial data that helps shape each sportsbook rating. A sportsbook that chooses not to be forthcoming will likely be assessed with a lower rating mark.

#2: Viability of business model
If a sportsbook cannot pass the smell test, a lower rating may be assessed as a result. The most common example of a sportsbook unlikely to succeed in today’s market is one that offer reduced juice with a signup bonus program. Business model analysis is a key ingredient for all sportsbook ratings.

#3: Player feedback
Sportsbook Review receives hundreds of emails per month, and thousands of message-board posts in its Sportsbook & Industry forum. Player feedback is taken into account when managing all sportsbook ratings. Unlike most competitors, SBR will not censor negative sportsbook posts. While the cost of maintaining the SBR network is contributed to by ad revenue from top-rated industry sportsbooks, SBR acts as a player advocate by mediating all disputes.

#4: Facility inspection
If a sportsbook is unwilling to allow SBR to tour its facility, a lower rating may be assessed. SBR documents each tour with photographs and uploads them for public viewing. Check out the sportsbook photo tours section.

#5: Time
The new sportsbook on the block is often unhappy with their initial rating assessment, and learns that sportsbook ratings are not for sale. While a sportsbook may clear the above four factors satisfactorily, the final test is time. Sportsbook Review recognizes that even the most trusted industry sportsbooks receive player complaints, however, top sportsbooks have decision makers at the helm that work to fairly resolve issues. Sportsbooks are expected to adhere to applicable industry standards.

Players with sportsbook disputes may submit a sportsbook complaint form, or reach Sportsbook Review directly by telephone (1-830-515-4122) seven days a week during normal business hours.