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Sportsbook Ratings: Where Does Your Sportsbook Rank?

View Sportsbooks by Their Rating
There have been 40 sportsbook rating changes since January 1 of this year. Review the list to see if your sportsbook is included. Alternatively, use the search tool at the top of all SBR pages to see a detailed list of only your sportsbook's status changes and news updates.

Players need to make sure that the company that has their business is deserving of it in the first place. The industry has seen scam betting sites come and go, some of which have yet to turn out the lights and continue to lure in unsuspecting new users.

Your Homework is Done For You
By using resources such as the sportsbook rating guide, it is an easy process to compare sportsbooks that have done the right thing by players historically and which have no problem making timely payouts. SBR Forum users contribute to a forum thread monthly detailing how long it is taking to get paid from all sportsbooks. Votes are also being accepted through the end of September for the top three sportsbooks.