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Sportsbook Policy Discussion Underway at SBR Forum


Sportsbook & Industry forum members are currently discussing a new policy in place at a sports betting site where the wording has caused them a degree of angst.

The sportsbook has updated its rulebook to read that players agree by signing up that they've not previously operated more than one account, and that they've never had an account locked or closed by any operator.

Sportsbook Rule: "7. The customer confirms that he does not hold more than one account with bet-at-home and that he has not held an account with bet-at-home or any other online gaming operator which was closed or locked. "

An SBR Forum administrator updated the post with the following response: "Good questions. This is one of those rules that are meant as a deterrent and which aren't applied liberally. 95% of players have nothing to fret over. If you were shown the door for being a sharp player, it's not as if you would be on a blacklist where your play is automatically null elsewhere. However if there were elements of fraud, industry bookmakers do share records."

The fact is that sports betting sites want legitimate players that haven't engaged in fraud, multi-account usage, or other nefarious activities that would have caused them to be shown the door at a competitor. However, players who simply opted out of another sportsbook, or maybe who were too sophisticated for the risk tolerance of one shop, would not be persona non-grata at a completely unrelated company.