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Sportsbook Matchmaker: Narrowing down 217 sportsbooks

The sportsbook rating guide allows players to search for 217 online sportsbooks.

Over 1,000 total sportsbooks were added to the rating guide in the previous decade, many of these sportsbooks now off-line and some of which scammed players and did not pay their winnings.

Even sportsbooks still in operation at times slow or no-pay, hence the SBR rating scale.

Players are advised to avoid online sportsbooks listed on the scam sportsbook blacklist at all costs. There is no bonus worth the possibility that you will not be paid, or that it will take months.

Just as the over 250 slow-pay complaints levied against demonstrate, even the websites that spend the most on marketing and pass itself off as legitimate can be no good.

The sportsbook rating guide displays the SBR rating on all searches: whether searching for countries accepted, sportsbook signup bonuses, bank options (how to deposit and place withdrawals), players will be guided by the rating mark. The rating guide is fully responsive, meaning that it is mobile friendly and caters to the size of your device automatically.

One sportsbook manager recently told Sportsbook Review that mobile betting accounts for over 50% of all wagers these days.

How Sportsbook Ratings are Set
Ratings are influenced in large part by SBR member feedback, for instance the top 5 online sportsbooks as voted by the SBR reader community last season all have grades of A+. The top five sportsbooks are displayed at the top right of this article. These betting sites are also listed on the best sportsbooks list. Years online plays a big part in ratings – as this establishes a sportsbook track record of paying on-time, dealing with customer disputes in a timely and efficient manner, as no matter how good your sportsbook is, any company that employs humans is bound to make a mistake once in a while. Some of the sportsbooks on the best betting site list are publicly traded companies – financial solvency and transparency is a key factor in setting sportsbook ratings.

Seeking Help with Scam Sportsbooks
One of the things that no-good sportsbooks want to avoid is bad press, especially around the start of NFL season. Filing a sportsbook complaint with SBR may help apply the correct level of pressure on the betting site to do the right thing, even if they have a negative history and are considered in poor standing by players. has helped players recover more than $5 million in disputed winnings to date.