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Sportsbook Linesmen Think Hillary Clinton Won Presidential Debate

While opinions were divided in the SBR Posting Forum on who won last night's debate, online sportsbooks are very clear: Hillary Clinton won the first Presidential debate.

Clinton went into the debate on offer at around -190 to win the election and emerged -235. She was as high as -250 at one point at the in-play markets at Betfair during the course of the debate. The former Secretary of State had Trump on the defensive for much of the second half of the 90-minute debate, though Clinton appeared to have moderator Lester Holt in her foxhole.

A $235 bet is needed to win $100 on Clinton becoming the next Commander-in-Chief of the United States, though Trump has two more debate opportunities to close the gap and move the line back in his favor.

While it is true that the betting line is partially a reflection of public sentiment, online sportsbooks typically do not move their markets significantly on the opinion of the public alone — positions are taken by head linesmen when sophisticated players favor one side over the other, and sportsbooks do their part to adjust their line to attract balanced action to collect vigorish on both sides.

Betting sites have been known to "lean" on one side over the other to attract certain action however, and as of this publication it is clear that the lean is more in favor of Hillary Clinton following last night's debate.

The debate itself was not without controversy among gamblers. Players at Nitrogen Sports had their wagers cancelled on Hillary Clinton to wear red because the television coverage revealed her outfit as early as 25 minutes before Clinton took the stage for the 9:00PM debate. According to one gambler, the other color options were left on the board until the debate started; Sportsbook Review has asked Nitrogen Sports to confirm that all losing options were voided as well on Clinton's outfit placed after 8:35PM ET.

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