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profile Payouts Stalled; 25+ Complaints Rack Up from Unhappy Players
Sportsbook Review recently reported that 25 payout complaints have been filed by unhappy (SBR rating D-) players.

SBR newswoman Natalie Rydstrom covers the slew of payout complaints launched by these users, as well as explains why the sports betting website maintains its positioning on the scam sportsbook blacklist. seized $156,000 in winnings in 2007 from a player by stating that he had taken advantage of their software by wagering correlated parlays. SBR argued vehemently at the time that the bets were accepted and needed to be paid in line with the age-old industry standard of "You Book the Bet, you Pay the Bet". refused to revisit its controversial stance and essentially stole the winnings from the player and others who had won by betting combination bets / parlays accepted by the software. As a result of their handling of the correlated parlay complaints and subsequent slow-pay complaints and reports of poor, inconsistent service over the years, has remained on the SBR blacklist and is considered a risk not worth taking.

The 25 players owed by are waiting on more than $100,000.

New complaints are filed by the week from players who feel they've been getting the runaround – is telling players that payouts take a minimum of three to five weeks but are presently not honoring this lengthy payout window.

Players who have not already done so are asked to file a sportsbook complaint.