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Sportsbook Review uses cookies to help us provide, protect & improve our services in accordance with our Privacy & Cookies policy, which includes details of how you can change your cookie settings. vs player, $26,000 voided in multiple account dispute

What is a chargeback and why would sportsbooks not allow players that have done them?
A sports bettor that deposits via credit card and proceeds to lose his or her wagers will sometimes perform what’s referred to in the offshore industry as a “chargeback”. When a player does this, most sportsbooks will place their name on a blacklist that is shared with related companies. The player would then have to wager in fear that at any point his winnings could be voided. SBR advises players not to fraudulently reverse the charges of deposits even with a slow-pay sportsbook, as doing so could cause the player’s action to later be denied by legitimate sportsbooks.

In this complaint, the player denied connection to the account holder that allegedly performed a chargeback at in 2009, but curiously asked why if the sportsbook believed this wouldn’t they debit his winnings. SBR has contacted to confirm the evidence they have on file for this player. player: chat is telling me that my account has been deactivated with $26,000 in winnings because the billing address & IP address is linked to a 2009 account of someone else’s name that owes them $800.

They strongly implied I am that person, they want me to contact that person to get them to contact to pay their $800 debt, and then my account and $26,000 winnings will be restored. The rep said they have issued a refund of my $1,000 deposit and my card should see it in 3-10 days.

Why would they do this if they think I am that person, and they say someone owes them $800??? Why would they refund me???? They said I would have to send back the $1000 if the $800 is paid and my account is restored.

They know they owe me $26,000 in winnings… I offered to just have t hem take it out of my winnings they said no. I offered to pay the $800 myself and they said they will send a request to that department to see if I could pay it. What does it matter??? They are being so unreasonable and completely unfair. Their logic is false.


The topic has created much interest at the SBR Sportsbook Forum where SBR readers and the player himself sound off.

SBRforum poster Hoja Verdes:

The OP, like many before him, has confused the forum itself for the complaint form…or maybe more appropriately, is just naive since he is new here and doesn’t realize that this community is now focused on other…pursuits…than simply being an arbitrator with the sportsbook industry. As Justin7 said, the unfortunate thing is that he unknowingly aired his dirty laundry on the public forum rather than via the private complaint form. If you don’t read anything else, read this: STOP POSTING…IMMEDIATELY…SBR will update the forum as things develop, the first rule of digging yourself out of a hole is to stop digging

SBRforum poster, dispute holder, Danieltag33:

I hadn’t asked for a payout. I was planning on requesting maybe $5,000 for now to pay my buddy and a little for me, but I plan to keep wagering…. just clarifying… Great post with your 1,2,3 points…. And I still don’t see what all the hoopla is on how I put my parlays together, if you guys notice, I only tried to win $3k and $2 in the first 2 parlays, that was all I really expected… The bigger ones were just for fun on Super Bowl Sunday, like buying a lottery ticket. The smaller ones I needed to win and put them in to hedge the bigger ones. I was being careful and safe with my deposit, and I don’t think it resembles a scammer at all… they probably just bet all their money on big parlays, I only bet half of it on big parlays and the other half was just trying to win $5,000 back from my $2,000 balance start after the 3 game soccer won.

SBRforum poster Hoja Verdes:

Daniel….STOP POSTING!! you don’t need to defend yourself, you are absolutely digging your own grave here. When people read posts like yours above, they think to themselves: “yeah, you had to pay out all the people in your chargeback scheme.” I know you don’t mean for it to be taken that way , but this is a perfect example of why you absolutely must stop posting or risk losing all sympathy and actually building the case against yourself , which would be a sad irony . STOP POSTING.


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On 11/10, SBR updated its report on an casino complaint. On October 25th, SBR reported that an player said his casino winnings were voided. The player stated that he deposited $1,000 and received a $250 bonus. He increased his balance to $4,000 before he claimed that his balance was forfeited. SBR followed up on the player’s behalf, and learned that Iwager had suspended the account to confirm the player’s identity. The player then obliged Iwager’s request and his account was reopened two weeks later. & dispute update
On 11/9, SBR updated a report on & On October 13th, SBR reported that a player had $39,000 confiscated by both sportsbooks. In this complaint, the winning player accumulated his balance by placing tennis parlays. The player told SBR that he did not circumvent the wagering limits of either shop. SBR discussed the dispute with each sportsbook’s management on behalf of the player. Each shop ultimately agreed to pay the player his winnings. The player confirmed to SBR on November 8th that his payout was processed.