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What in the world is going on in Schleswig-Holstein? That’s the question 7 operators issued gaming licenses in the Northern German State earlier this year are asking. Since assuming political control, the SPD Party has made its intention clear to return to the controversial Interstate Gambling Treaty, which may endanger the recent gaming licenses. Despite this fact, one sportsbook executive speaking on condition of anonymity remained hopeful, telling SBR the following:  “In terms of the new government – they’ve so far indicated that they will honour the original licenses and we are taking that at face value.” We will keep you up to date with this story as it progresses.

A sportsbook scam alert has been issued on GlobalWagering.Ws (SBR rating D-). The start-up sportsbook surfaced on July 5th and wasted no time before spamming forums with bonus offers. GlobalWagering’s five employees operate from a small rented office in Nicaragua. The book’s manager is “Garret”, a former sales clerk with a reputation of pocketing customer lists from his time working at former industry shops. Adding to the red flags was GlobalWagering’s refusal to document or provide a single reference on its investor backing. The sportsbook would only share that it has quote unquote deep pockets and 25 plus years experience. SBR urges players to avoid the potential fly-by night operation.

A US (SBR rating D-) player reports that a $10,000 payout is late. The player requested the withdrawal on June 7th. The payment carried a time-frame of six to eight weeks. After this window passed, the player followed up and was eventually asked to switch payout methods. The player agreed and presently waits for the replacement payment. SBR has followed up with management. of course sold its non-US player base to Win United Ltd., an operation in Malta which powers YouWin and