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Thanks for your feedback! Payout Complaints: Withdrawals delayed 5+ weeks


Update: Ten slow pay complaints are now on file from players. (SBR rating D-) players have reported that payouts are taking a minimum of five weeks.

The sports betting website has consistently been ranked lowly by players and within the industry for failure to pay promptly and confiscating winnings freely, including the infamous correlated parlay confisactions of yesteryear.

On April 21, SBR reported that payouts are taking 5+ weeks. Players have expressed their outrage that the online betting site that is the self-proclaimed place where everybody bets is unable to pay on time.

Adding fuel to the fire, told one player that they could not confirm when his withdrawal would be received, despite his waiting beyond the five week time-frame: "Unfortunately we do not have an estimated timeframe at the moment, but I can assure you that our withdrawal department is working to send the funds to you as soon as possible."

The player who filed today's complaint originally asked for $1,200 via cheque in January. After six weeks, he was advised it would be quickest to cancel this request and be paid through Western Union instead. He was paid $999 one time, but was unable to receive additional payouts this way. He was then advised to request a cheque once again, starting the minimum five week clock all over again.

Speaking of his frustration, the player had the following to say: player: "This is VERY upsetting !!! I have deposited tens of thousands of dollars at over the years and to not be paid when I have won something significant is horrible.If there is anything that can be done I would be much obliged. Any gesture of good faith on the part of would go a long way. Thank you for taking the time to read this." players in need of assistance with the sports betting website should write to