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Player: Ok, so I’ve been singing the praises of lately, but….I cashed out for $3600 last Friday and was wondering why my withdrawal had not yet been processed.

Today I get an email from sportsbook that says:

“Thanks for your recent withdrawal request.
We wanted to let you know that your withdrawal for $3,641.00 requested on 2/23/2007 has been processed. However, there’s a slight delay in getting the check out to you. Sorry about that.
You should receive your check within the next 10-12 business days, but don’t hesitate to contact us via email or use our live chat service to get an update on your payment’s progress.”

I talked to one of the live chat ppl and they said:
“Unfortunately there is a delay in processing withdrawals due to the fact we have changed to a new processor. This change was made to improve our customers security.”

Lately sportsbook has been great about processing withdrawals quickly. But with all that’s been going on in the industry, I’m worried that I’m about to get screwed. Does the payment processor thing sound like a legit excuse to people? I guess I can understand it. Maybe I am being paranoid?