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Thanks for your feedback! new policy: One pending payout max

profile users have long complained of lengthy payout times. Professional players have oft defended the sportsbook due to their at times opinionated numbers and willingness to accept action, especially on derivatives and other markets. The sportsbook has generally been favored by players that have no qualms with having parts of their bankroll tied up for months at a time, provided they believe they will eventually be paid. is one of the most visible and recognized online sportsbooks serving the American market. The URL alone is worth tens of millions of dollars, if not more. Despite the advantages working in their favor, the brand's management has never been particularly concerned with improving their service for the casual player. Good marketing is more of a priority of good service, such has been the case with the group for years. email to player:
"A recent policy update now allows a maximum of 1 pending withdrawal active on an account at any given time. Therefore we have cancelled your additional pending withdrawals and returned the funds to your account. You will be able to request a new withdrawal once your next has been processed.

SBR reported a warning three weeks ago regarding the industry-worst payout times.

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