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Thanks for your feedback! (ag) cancels $7,030 in player winnings


The (ag) player states that the reason his account was closed was because he had requested exclusion from previously—a company that acquired—and that regardless of the fact that he was unaware of the acquisition and that his deposit was accepted, his winnings would not be honored. The player reportedly requested the exclusion from on March 23rd, 2010. The player then sent an additional request to on January 24th, 2011, demanding that his account be deleted.

The player has documented his issue in the SBRforum Sportsbook & Industry section, allowing other users to weigh in with their feedback on the account dispute. SBR is following up on this sportsbook dispute.

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On July 6th, 2011, SBR reported that agreed to pay $1,359 in winnings that it originally confiscated. (ag) claimed that a player was guilty of bonus fraud for accepting a bonus and wagering on both sides of the same game in first bet. The player was flagged for bonus abuse and had his account disabled with a note from management that he would receive only his initial deposit back.